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ジャパン ルネッサンスとは !? What is Japan Renaissance !?

  01, 2017 01:00


This is the blog of message from the so called “the generation of baby boomers” for youngsters. The very thing to be necessary in Japan is to revive the incorruptible Japanese spiritual culture to secure the world. Youngsters! Let’s stand in order to undo the chain of trap by GHQ’s plot and revive the Japanese Samurai Spirit to secure this critical status of the world. I pray for this blog to help you to become future Samurais!


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はじめに  Prologue

  01, 2017 03:00



I was born at the time just after when the gun fire smell still rest everywhere. Thinking of 70 years past after the war, 20 years before my birth year was far before World War Ⅱ. The period of World War Ⅱ was short but its impact was so severe!
When I reached the age of discretion, there were many articles about the war in movies, radios, TVs, newspapers and magazines and most of their tone was the same as this war was a negative and stupid one for Japan to have lost Manchuria, Korea and Taiwan. In the academy society and cinema, Marxism was very popular and so to say a kind of boom. Hideki Tojo was treated as Hitler at that time. The trend that Capitalism would soon end and change to Communism was a popular idea among people and in mass media the Soviet, Communist China and North Korea were thought as paradise countries.



My eldest brother was born before the war and was a brilliant student to having entered a famous medical faculty of a national university but he read many books criticizing the Japanese Imperial Army such as “the Sanguang Campain”, “Nanking Massacre” and so on. He sometimes participated in the demonstrations as sympathizers for Communist Party.



The second brother was born after the war as I was and a man from the baby boomer generation. However he did not pay much attention to campus disputes so popular and fierce at that time and read the books by “Kozon Fukuda” and stood at the right side. However many students participated in campus disputes by leftists and these lefists have nowadays become top leaders in mass media and mass media has turned red.



When I started entering the university, campus disputes slowed down and non-political students had increased. That was because the campus disputes were ideological struggle not having been realistic and Communism was not such a system that we expected. Because we observed the happenings in Eastern Europe and understood Capitalism was better than Communism. However even at the time I started to work and Communism disappeared in Europe, mass media on the contrary has turned gradually to leftist side. Now mass media such as newspapers and TV networks, look at daily events through their biased lens and have changed completely as leftist group.

muro-de-berlin 2

Speaking of our life, the Korean War started in 1952 caused Japan’s economic growth and our life has drastically changed better. Japanese economy has continually risen after the war at miraculously rapid growth rate by Premier Ikeda’s rapid economic growth policy and our life has continued being improved and finally reached the point said “all of us in middle class”. We could buy TV set, refrigerator and washing machine as the same as Americans did. We did not pay attention to our traditional way of living while being satisfied with this richness. We have lost our descent traditional characters such as “honesty”, ”modesty” and “diligence” and we would like to behave as Americans do which has a smell of egoism and pragmatism. Youngsters’ life style has changed to be more egoistic and pragmatic and they take less care of human relation. In companies the relation between seniors and juniors has been changing from the style that seniors teach juniors for them to be capable of following the seniors to the style that seniors evade to teach juniors being afraid they may be future competitors. This is a kind of degradation. It is not the traditional way of Japanese. The American way of life style has been influencing the Japanese to forget our familiar way of life. However it does not fit us, the Japanese and we, small cannot become such big and muscular Americans at all. It is a very absurd idea to try to live like American. We have our own way of life different from American’s and it is much cleverer to live within our means. We may not be so rich as some Americans are but is it our life style to go without abundant amount of money? As we think in this way, we see Japan has been influenced by American politics and culture after the war. However we now have come to understand that we cannot enjoy happiness by imitating American way of life. We are Japanese and can really enjoy our lives with Japanese comrades in this land. This land is such a best place for us to live in. We have not to go to America, Canada and Europe as Koreans and Chinese do since Japan is such a nice place to live. We should prefer going back home to work in our homeland, to going abroad to live with other nationals having different culture from ours, facing with racial discrimination. We should understand our mission is to live and work for this nation and it is not wise to go out from Japan and work as globalists living in foreign countries. Other nationals have also their own lands with their own different culture and civilization. The real happiness for us mainly lies in living in this land among the same nationals easily to understand each other. So youngsters, your way of future life is not to go abroad as commercially cited in TV and magazines. Your true happiness lies in this land. It was a big mistake in the Tokyo Trial that our war was wrong and ancestors were punished as ultranationalists like Nazis by GHQ propaganda. We need look into the true stories of the war by yourselves and make it clear that they were not sinful but respectful people. Do you think it is a nice and wise way to study in Tokyo and work abroad then come back home to work for your homeland than to study in Tokyo and work abroad and work abroad for your personal prosperity although there are some ways to work abroad for Japan like diplomatic officials. If possible we should go back home to work with fathers, brothers and old friends and work for your homeland.
This blog looks back at the past by standing at this stance and points out what we lost during the period after the war and should regain for our ancestors and descendants. It is my pleasure that this blog may help youngsters to regain pride as Japanese and live for Japan and all over the world.

NHK drama, "Oshin" invites sympathy and excitement among Asian people


  01, 2017 05:01

This blog containes articles not for free (100yen/theme). Hoewever, I am sure that youngsters can become conscious of yourself as traditional Japanese by enjoying these articles. I hope you read these articles and deepen the way of "Japan Renaissance" !

welcome to Japan Renaissance

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満州国と日本  Manchukuo and Japan

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共産主義の終焉 Grand failure of the Communism

  03, 2017 00:00


Why still is the Communism resting? Not only has disappeared but still it is getting some support from the people? Besides, like Cuba there are some countries which have realized somewhat Equality. Here I would like to make clear the problems of the Communism based on the book, “Grand Failure” by Zbigniew Brzezinski. It was not made completely clear why the Communism wrong. we leave this unclear, the same mistake may happen in the future. So we need to recognize why and how it is wrong.

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