若者に問う-地産地消経済への回帰 その1 Back to Local Production for Local Consumption Economy Part 1

  09, 2018 21:52

The globalism has let the countries such as China make the cheapest products and exhausted the industries of advanced countries and made the monster who was a great evil called Communist China after all. It also has made some global companies enlarge and born few super rich wealthy class and a big difference among the poverty and the wealth including China. In other words, It gave birth to a few super rich wealth and poor majority of citizens (enthrallment). In this way, the global economy was made clear that it was the ideology that was similar to the Communism not to make the world happy. It is better left unsaid to have spread such an ideology in the world and understands that it is communism and the same root when we think that it was the Jews, the so called Diaspora. No more globalization! We should shift our economy to the local production for local consumption economy to make each nation happy from now on.

トランプが叫ぶ, アメリカファースト! Trump declares, "America First !"


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