老人破産 Bankrupcy of Old Folks

  10, 2017 00:00



Cheap hostel for low class old folks (From "Low class old folks" by Takanori Fijita)

The pension amounted 350,000 yen is needed for our daily life per month. Most of the old people will receive around 200,000 yen and find their lives very hard to manage. They need to use their savings. For one person is needed 50,000 yen per month and the pair need the double of it for living. In order to live for 20 years longer, totally 24million yen is needed. However for the people receiving 150,000 yen per month it needs more 100,000 yen per month, for 20 years of life they need more 10million yen. To sum up, we need around 50 million yen of savings to lead the rest of life after the retirement. So it is for sure that many will become very poor as time goes by and will go bankrupt soon after. How can the old manage to get out form this trap? If no governmental measures, most of the old folks will get into poverty and there will face the dark age again worse than the time of the so called “a mountainous place where old folks considered aburden were taken and abandoned ”.

Sputnik, an article dated 3/29/2016,
Japanese prison system will face a new problem in a few years. Statistically speaking, the aged are increasing gradually and many of them go into custody. According to the Financial Times, the robbery cases of small shops have risen drastically while 35% of the robbers are the aged and 40% of them are repeaters. Among them 6 times they have repeated! The statistics by the Ministry of Justice show 460% increase of the crimes by the aged from the year 1991 to the year 2013. Specialists analyze this as a trend that the aged criminals prefer going into jail to get food, home and medical care to life by pension. In Japan 780,000 yen is the lowest pension to make it possible to live a minimum level of life but in prisons the government in place takes care of them for free!



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