若者に問う-和食のススメ その1  Recommendation of Japanese style food Part 1

  01, 2018 08:45

In the present age, we cannot take natural foods. The most of the food are brought up by artificial manure and insecticide and besides, various additives are contained through their processing. Furthermore, we live in an artifact environment having few natural materials and must touch various kinds of chemical substances. Furthermore, really artificial drink such as Coca-Cola overflows around us. There are not such things at all in the ancient time and it is unknown but is at the increased risk for adversely affecting our health to take them. That the people born in Meiji were able to live long, may be that they did not eat such processed foods. For our self-defense, it is better for us to live on the Japanese foods which our ancestors had eaten and our DNA is made of their blood. It is certain that the Japanese food is healthy from the nutritional balance point of view.

We may not live long eating these foods!?


Lung cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer have been increasing rapidly and may there be a social structure with overflowed processed foods and a lot of stress in the rear?

日本人には和食が一番! Washoku (Japanese style cuisine) is the best for us!



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