明治維新とグラバー The Meiji Restoration and Thomas Glaver

  07, 2018 15:58
thomas glaver


Thomas Glover (Scot) is one of the fixers, having demolished Tokugawa shogunate government and caused the Meiji Restoration. It has a lot of opinions as to whether the Meiji Restoration was a right way from a historical point of views. Because the inheritance of Tokugawa 300 years through the revolution had disappeared as dew dissapears. He instigated a war in Mouri, Satsuma that competed against Tokugawa in Sekigahara war in 1660 of the internal disturbance, let took advantage for Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited (the former East India Company) to make large profits by selling the rifles left after the Civil War in America. It is certain that he played for that role. However, it is uncertain that Tokugawa shogunate government could make the rapid modernization such as the Meiji Restoration. It was for sure that the modernization of Japan was accomplished was due to the big role of Glover being not to let Japan to become a colony by the Western imperial nations while their pushing the abandonment of extraterritoriality and the tariff autonomy of Japan in the times of the colonization of Asia. He lived in Japan to the last being married a Japanese woman for his life and was it not the person who should be evaluated very much even if Glover to take his negative inheritance in his career into account? It was clear that Japan could become a member of the world big countries from Asia simply because there was a Japan-Britain alliance to let her have won Sino-Japanese, Russo-Japanese War. It nowadays may be a time to come in a re-evaluation of the achievements of Glover to Japan and Japanese-to-English cooperation once again. (To be continued)

The life of Glover greatly affects the story of the famous "butterfly wife". There may be a same cultural base to toss through a heart coming from the same island spirit among the Japanese and the Scots!

The graveyard of Glover and his wife, Tsuru having a few visitors and nestling lonelily (in Nagasaki).


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